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Pioneers Nation - A Home for Innovators

We're on a mission to bring the 21st century skills to every student's fingertips through its curriculum. Pioneers Nation provides an online platform that celebrates learning with creative content, 3D PIXAR like animations, secure and fully immersive interactive activities.

What is Pioneers Nation?

Pioneers Nation is a compendium of skill incubation content and modules, steeped in VSTREAM(our version of STEM which includes values, research and arts), which instill in a child, the skills required for the realization of her/his potential. Life Skills, Psychomotor, Metacognitive and Epistemological skills are some of the skills that form an array of 336 skills which form the Pioneers Nation skill set.

Are Pioneers Nation classes suitable for younger kids?

Pioneers Nation is the leading provider of educational services for schools and homeschooling families, and we offer a variety of courses to choose from. The professional program helps kids prepare for high school and the workforce with STEM courses and an emphasis on creativity.

What are the different types of courses available with Pioneers Nation?

Pioneers Nation offers research-driven, innovative courses for children. With courses in coding, movie making, medicine, engineering, architecture and more courses being added o the already rich number of courses, there's something for every child to learn and grow with.

Learn about all the course details offered on the page 

Learn about all the course details offered on the page . To sign up for a course, you will need to go into the course page and click enroll.

How will the courses be conducted?

Students can take their courses online, which means they will be able to log in and work on the course at any time. Courses will be conducted online through video lectures, interactive assignments, discussion(for students subscribed to individual plans) and projects. They'll also have access to all the materials and resources that are available through the course, for the duration of the course.

What other courses does Pioneers Nation offer?

We provide international learning curriculum and framework for all learning levels. We also have a comprehensive analytics and artificial intelligence backed programs which can be custom made for your educational organization. Please email the specific details of your training needs to and a representative from our Relations Department will get back to you at the earliest. Please do not forget to share your name and contact number in the email.

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