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Code Name : PALCOP

A Video Content Creation Module

Discover a new world of endless video possibilities




Ideal for

Children and Preteens aged 8 -18 years of age



Number of Classes



  • A smartphone. Any device, old or new is fine.

How it will help your child? 

  • This is a beginner's course, so no filmmaking experience is required. Ever wanted to know how to make a video for your child's YouTube channel , but didn't know where to start?

This course is designed to help your child learn the basics of video content creation. Presentation skills are an essential part of becoming a successful leader. The course is created by professionals and stretches children's abilities in storytelling, communication, creativity, video production and problem solving. In this course, kids will learn how to use video production tools to create their own stories, characters, and videos.

Learn how to turn your smartphone into a professional quality camera and start creating amazing kinds of videos & films today like Indie Films, YouTube Videos, Journalism Videos, Travel Films, Documentaries, Music Videos, Corporate Videos, Real Estate Videos, Social Media

  • Promo & Marketing Videos and a lot more.

Curriculum includes

The fundamentals of Visual Storytelling

  • Make beautiful high quality engaging videos other people will want to watch.

Learn the basic terminologies of Video Content Creation

Importance of Videos in Business

Steps to Make Amazing Video Content

The Art of Storytelling

Multiple Stages of Movie Making

Components of Movie Making

Basics of Script Writing

How to study Movies

Nava Rasas

World Challenges and so much more

This Course Contains and Features

  • 5 hours on-demand learning resources including video classes, award winning scripts, movies and assignments

  • 10 Articles

  • 100 % Online course

  • New content added every 3 months

  • Hands on Real world Assignments and Projects

  • Certificate of Completion (on request)

  • Instructor guides on select topics

Flexible learning program

Free Premium Access to Pioneers Nation Community

Technical Teacher Support by e-mail

  • 1 Year access to course

  • Course in English

  • Access on desktop, mobile and TV

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₹300 per Class


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 Top skills developed in this course


Critical Thinking


Problem Solving


Time Management

Critical Evaluation

Schools that have applauded us


Testimonials from Pioneers in Academia, Senior Educationists and the best in the sphere of training and education.

Ms. Shanti Krishnamurthy

Director, Academics & Administration

Chinmaya International Residential School

I must congratulate Pioneers Nation, for the Shaishav Shiksha curriculum, developed by Dr. Ajay Prabhakar and the Pioneers Nation team. It is indeed an exhaustive handbook with all the requisites in place. The cover page is very attractive and child friendly. The curriculum meets most of our  requirements and has been nicely drafted. Thanks and Congratulations to the entire team. 

Ms. Sudeshna Chatterjee 

Academic Director

EuroSchool Airoli

With Pioneers Nation, children have pioneered on a journey at EuroSchool, to know more about becoming a "global citizen". I wish them all the best.

Dr. B. G. Pitre

Director and Former Principal Doon School


Only Once in a while, someone comes and shares their work and that gives complete satisfaction. You are one of them (Dr. Ajay Prabhakar). This is the real basis of education from the philosophical and spiritual point of view. What you are doing is certainly the thing to be done! The goal is very sacred. 

Mr. C M Thakur

Principal and Mentor

Podar International School

Pioneers Nation,  an educational research based organization, founded on the United Nations Core values has been successfully conducting the flagship program for children in our school. The program is being very well received by students and parents of our school. I am very happy to recommend this very essential and highly relevant curriculum to every school.

Mrs. Dolly Henry

National Award Winner

Principal - Vani Vidyalaya School

Pioneers Nation modules is a very creative and comprehensive leadership training program for the student community. The student learns, while thoroughly enjoying the classes. It is exceptionally remarkable. Keep it going !!! 

Ujjwalananda Saraswati

Director NVCV Shegaon

The Pioneers Nation program, has been a pathbreaking program. As the students themselves expressed there has been practical learning .They say they have gained knowledge which they can apply in any situation, in life. It has been unique, interdisciplinary, quality and fun learning program, inculcating positive values. The resource team of Pioneers Nation have skillfully and efficiently handled the sessions and created interest in the students. We extend our thanks to the Pioneers Nation team. 

Mr. Sasidharan Nair

Founder and President

Vidyadhiraja High School and College

Pioneers Nation, under the leadership of Dr. Ajay Prabhakar, has been successfully running the program regularly, for the students of our school. It is a pleasure to observe the students, when these classes are being conducted. They are full of enthusiasm and eagerness to contribute  to the lessons and readily participate with a fervor , in all the unique group activities. I wish Pioneers Nation, all the best in every endeavor and hope that children all over the world, will benefit from this program. 

Dr. Bhavesh Patel


Shah and Anchor Kutchhi Polytechnic

I greatly appreciate, the invaluable work and endless support by Pioneers Nation, towards uplifting the quality of education in innumerable schools and colleges. In stressful times, when the youth are in need of an appropriate direction to continue their growth, Pioneers Nation is able to work with their specific needs and guide them into making informed decisions. Rarely have I seen such sensitivity, competence and objectivity, combined so effectively, in one organization, as Pioneers Nation.     

Mrs. Poonam Srivastava

Head Academics

General Education School

Pioneer Nation's teachers are very dedicated and hard working. Their teaching is really effective and helps in building of skills and confidence in the students of our school.

Pioneers Nation - A Home for Innovators

We're on a mission to bring the 21st century skills to every student's fingertips through its curriculum. Pioneers Nation provides an online platform that celebrates learning with creative content, 3D PIXAR like animations, secure and fully immersive interactive activities.

Know more about Pioneers Nation modules

Pioneers Nation modules, are created for children with a curiosity, for the world around them. Our courses are designed to help children develop skills in their areas of interest, while also preparing them for the future. We offer an immersive experience through our courses that are designed to foster learning and problem solving skills.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 

Pioneers Nation's content and the learning platform is developed by a team of data scientists, AI developers, and language experts. We use machine learning algorithms to provide the best possible interface and experience for our students through our very own Learning system, Transform .

Interdisciplinary and Comprehensive All Round Development Curriculum

The Pioneers Nation curriculum is research and innovation oriented which cuts across multiple disciplines and is created by some of the best and innovative minds on this planet.

Based on United Nations Core Professional Values.

Innovative Pioneers Nation modules are based on the United Nations' Universal Core values which combine global leadership and an international perspective.

The Pioneers Nation Community

The Pioneer Club is the exclusive membership program for Pioneers Nation students with benefits ranging from being first in line for new Pioneer Nation courses, contests, prizes, and more! Click here to join.

Holistic Development of a Child

Pioneers Nation courses place strong emphasis on the overall development, i.e. mental, emotional and social development of young minds, and prepares the individual for the challenges that life would bring up for him/her.

Experience the Pioneers Nation Change

Pioneers Curriculum is a complete educational ecosystem that helps students learn and grow to their fullest potential, irrespective of their learning styles and teaching needs. Pioneers Curriculum is designed to help students become problem solvers, learners and leaders. With its astounding success, in being part of an ever increasing number of schools, no school is complete without the Pioneers Nation Curriculum.

Highlighted below are the core features of the program.

Trusted by 120+ Schools worldwide

The Pioneers Nation curriculum is now trusted by more than 120+ innovative schools worldwide. Pioneers Nation is also the primary research and education partner to eminent schools, to enrich and fortify their educational curriculum.

An Innovative and Fresh take on Education

With our 21st Century, Skill Incubation approach, all our modules, are designed around real-world careers and challenges which makes it both, fun and engaging!

The Career Experience Advantage

We offer Career Experience curriculum for grades 4-12 that equip students with essential skills , they need to know, right now - from coding and artificial intelligence to entrepreneurship, from finance to marketing and everything in between.


Coined and expounded by our very own Chairman, Dr. Ajay Prabhakar, in his work, it talks about education which includes values, science, technology, research, engineering, arts and math, which is the cornerstone of our content.

Emotional and Social Health First

The primary focus of our curriculum is  to better the mental health, in particular, the emotional and the social health of children. Diversity, Gender bias are just some of the issues which we cater to in our curriculum. 

Explore our Courses

Video Testimonials

Take a look and hear as to what these pioneers of education had to say about Pioneers Nation 

Leading Educators applaud Pioneers Nation 

Pioneers Nation 

Take a peek as to how Pioneers Nation is helping leading educators in schools and colleges is the most advanced tool that is helping education mold young minds.

Voices from the Yore 

Pioneers Nation International Imagination Festival

International voices echo the importance of Pioneers Nation modules in everyday learning

The Educators Perspective 

What really is Pioneers Nation?

Parameshwari Ramesh Nair speaks about how reading is fascinating and magical at a TED event organized by Pioneers Nation . She speaks about how a book is the key to opening the doors of your soul, a pathway to a different world, a beautiful treasure that cannot be forgotten!

VSTREAM - Reimagining Education

Dr. Ajay Prabhakar

Creativity has become indispensable in the handling of today's most complex problems. Founder and Chairman, Pioneers Nation, Dr. Ajay Prabhakar talks about the need to rethink education and how Creativity and Values are an essential ingredient to achieving the same.

A Pioneer Speaks

Pioneers Nation and TED

Parameshwari Ramesh Nair speaks about how reading is fascinating and magical at a TED event organized by Pioneers Nation . She speaks about how a book is the key to opening the doors of your soul, a pathway to a different world, a beautiful treasure that cannot be forgotten!

From the Heart

Pioneers Nation affecting lives

The teacher who used to take classes for Atharva(she always remembered him as an introvert, quiet and shy child)was so surprised, when he went onto the stage and started talking about Pioneers Nation to a sea of parents, educators and the principal who had gathered at the occasion. 

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What is Pioneers Nation?

Pioneers Nation is a compendium of skill incubation content and modules, steeped in VSTREAM(our version of STEM which includes values, research and arts), which instill in a child, the skills required for the realization of her/his potential. Life Skills, Psychomotor, Metacognitive and Epistemological skills are some of the skills that form an array of 336 skills which form the Pioneers Nation skill set.

Are Pioneers Nation classes suitable for younger kids?

Pioneers Nation is the leading provider of educational services for schools and homeschooling families, and we offer a variety of courses to choose from. The professional program helps kids prepare for high school and the workforce with STEM courses and an emphasis on creativity.

What are the different types of courses available with Pioneers Nation?

Pioneers Nation offers research-driven, innovative courses for children. With courses in coding, movie making, medicine, engineering, architecture and more courses being added o the already rich number of courses, there's something for every child to learn and grow with.

Learn about all the course details offered on the page 

Learn about all the course details offered on the page . To sign up for a course, you will need to go into the course page and click enroll.

How will the courses be conducted?

Students can take their courses online, which means they will be able to log in and work on the course at any time. Courses will be conducted online through video lectures, interactive assignments, discussion(for students subscribed to individual plans) and projects. They'll also have access to all the materials and resources that are available through the course, for the duration of the course.

What other courses does Pioneers Nation offer?

We provide international learning curriculum and framework for all learning levels. We also have a comprehensive analytics and artificial intelligence backed programs which can be custom made for your educational organization. Please email the specific details of your training needs to and a representative from our Relations Department will get back to you at the earliest. Please do not forget to share your name and contact number in the email.

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