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Transform - Learning Management System

Transform LMS, is the ideal choice for your school, your organization, your business or your online education system. Create your robust, responsive online classes now with unlimited pages, color options, and menu features at your fingertips.

Transform is a Powerful Learning System.

Make beautiful, effective and easy-to-use digital courses online, with the flexibility to access it offline as well.

  • Most Cost-Effective LMS
  • Personalized interface
  • AI and Analytics Powered
  • Interactive Interface
  • Game based learning
  • Student Collaboration
  • Easy Creation of courses
  • Share learning materials 
  • Snappy Updation of course content
  • Automated Assesment and Grading
  • Managing work/project submissions
  • Media rich Lessons
  • Monitoring Progress/Reports
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Cloud Based Access
  • Seamless support of large groups
  • Increased Parent Engagement
  • Access to learning materials 24/7/365

Transform LMS, your AI powered LMS, brings together the best of learning and research at prices as low as *₹390 per student/ year!

A Powerful and Affordable Learning System

Develop secure, robust and customized white label solutions that are user friendly and perfectly fits the requirements of instructors, learners and the administrators.

Compatible with multiple devices and platforms

Transform is compatible with every device. Your learners can visit your learning site easily from tablets, phones, computers, laptops or televisions. On the go or travelling students, can have access to your learning site/system from anywhere in the world. Other management system can be easily migrated/ can work with this world class LMS.

Third Party Integration is a breeze

Transform can be easily integrated with servers, front ends and CMS's like Mahara, Joomla and MediaWiki. It also supports Google Apps including Google Gadgets, Zoom, BigBlueButton, Sharepoint and can easily be integrated with Microsoft Office products like Word, Excel and Teams.

Dynamic, Intuitive and Interactive User Interfaces

A user friendly, intuitive interface where the learner can have access to grading , assignments, to do lists, calendar of events, courses and other customizable activities.

Community Learning all the way

When learners come together in a virtual environment, studies show that they contribute and learn more. Educators can set clear, customized and defined user learning paths for every class and student.

Gamified Learning

Learning, on another level, defines gamified learning. Learners can earn badges as they complete learning tasks and proceed to higher skill levels. Employees can compete with each other to get ranks and titles on the leader board based on the highest points scored.

Integration with Payment Gateways

Easily integrate payment gatheways into your course and monetize your training. With Transform and its array of payment options , it cannot get easier than this.

The Latest Technology powers your favourite LMS

Artificial Intelligence powered algorithms, Analytics powered reports, The fifth and current version of the HTML, latest of CSS and Bootstrap aligned interfaces and the latest technology , now in Transform LMS.