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Transform is a
 Powerful Training Solution 

Harness the power of this enterprise grade LMS to transform your courses into beautiful, effective and easy-to-use digital courses online. Create your secure, robust, responsive online classes with unlimited courses, pages, color options, and menu features at your fingertips. 

The Most Cost-Effective LMS

Easy Creation of Courses and Modules 

Diverse and Secure Media Rich Lessons

Centralized & Shareable learning materials (Chat & Community)

Intuitive and Adaptive user interface

Online and Offline Class Integrations

Transform is an
 AI Powered Learning System 

Take your business to the next level with Transform Platinum LMS, is the ideal choice for your employees, partners or your organizational, online education system. Its customizable AI powered platform makes it easy to offer a variety of courses including onboarding, compliance, sales and leadership.

Use Cases

Onboarding a breeze...

Cost Effective onboarding training with Transform helps connects employees with their new organization and colleagues and is pivotal for building trust. Onboarding channel partners and customers has never been easier with Transform. Ask your Pioneers Nation representative for a tailor made template programs curated from the onboarding modules available with Pioneers Nation.

Ongoing Product & Compliance Training 

Transform your business with ongoing product trainings, micro courses, certifications and updates that helps your employees be more productive and engaged with their work. On field agent trainings are another use case possible with Transform. Transform will help your organization achieve its goals by improving team productivity, cultivating the growth of knowledge, and enabling collaboration.

Regular Sales and Marketing
Training & Updates

Transform LMS provides a centralized workplace with a variety of features which are guaranteed to keep your employees, partners or organizational system up-to-date with the latest management, sales and marketing strategies. Skill Upgradation and Project Management are some of the other aspects that teams can achieve with Transform LMS.

Simple Management of employee work /project submission

AI and Analytics Powered Content Security

Centralized, Interactive Interface for Employee Onboarding

Easy and Regular Product and Process Training

Evaluation, Quizzes and Certification

Engaged Gamified Learning

Transform is designed by
 Educators, for Educators and Education 

Transform LMS has the flexibility you need to match your unique needs. Create your on-demand training or scheduled courses online for your university, school or coaching class with an inbuilt platforms for online classes and integrations. You can easily create quizzes, surveys, course materials, and use our grading system to evaluate your students' performance. 

Fee Collection through Payment Integrations

Seamless Teaching of large group of Students

Blended and Flipped Learning ready

Access to cloud based learning materials 24/7/365

Better interaction between Teachers , Students and Parents 

Simultaneous Online Training for multiple groups of students


Transform LMS, your AI powered LMS, brings together the best of learning and research at prices as low as *₹590 per participant/ year!

Powerful yet Affordable

Develop secure, robust and customized solutions that are user friendly and perfectly fits the requirements of instructors, learners and the administrators and which is at a fraction of the cost of other LMS.

Easy to Set up and Ready to Use

Transform can be set up and your course ready for the world, in a few clicks and hours. Uploading content / redirecting and designing is easy and swift.

Rich and Diverse modes of Teaching and Content

Multiple modes of teaching which includes ZOOM Lessons or Transform's inhouse Video Class Platform. Supports images, videos, audio, SWF files, HTML5 and more...

Compatible with multiple devices and platforms

Transform is compatible with every device. Your learners can visit your learning site easily from tablets, phones, computers, laptops or televisions. On the go or travelling employees, can have access to your learning site/system from anywhere in the world. Other management system can be easily migrated/ can work with this world class LMS.

Third Party Integration is a breeze

Transform can be easily integrated with servers, front ends and CMS's.It also supports API integrations including Google Gadgets and Zoom. Webhooks can be used to send data from finished Courses and Exams to your database or other software. It can be connected with mailing or automation softwares to add your participants to a mailing list or automation processes.

Dynamic, Personalized, Intuitive and Interactive User Interfaces

A user friendly, intuitive interface where the learner can have access to grading , assignments, quizzes to do lists, calendar of events, courses and other customizable activities.

Integration with Payment Gateways

Easily integrate payment gateways into your course and monetize your training. With Transform and its array of payment options with national and international gateways and providers like Stripe, Paypal and Razorpay, the world is your classroom.

Gamified Learning and Leaderboard

Learning, in another dimension, defines gamified learning. Employees with Transform, can earn badges as they complete learning tasks and proceed to higher skill levels. Employees can compete with each other to get ranks and titles on the leader board based on the highest points scored and modules completed.

The Latest Technology powers your favourite LMS

Artificial Intelligence powered algorithms, Analytics powered reports, The fifth and current version of the HTML, latest of CSS and Bootstrap aligned interfaces and the latest technology , now in Transform LMS.

Custom Branding

Your Training , Your Way. That means that you can upload your logo, images and icons and create a personalized eLearning environment which portrays your company's values and message.


When learners come together in a virtual environment, studies show that they contribute and learn more. Course Curators/Educators can set clear, customized and defined user learning paths for every class and student and at the end of the course award them with certificates.

Multiple Departments in a single solution

Manage different departments (clients, vendors or partners) within the same LMS. Customers, clients and partners can access their own unique learning content, visible only to the concerned groups. 



₹ 3,000 

(Per month)

  • Free Cloud Hosting
  • Storage up to 100 MB
  • Up to 100 Students
  • Unlimited Courses and Lessons
  • Unlimited Evaluations \ Quizzes
  • Available across any device
  • Any time access to courses
  • Latest and regularly Updated Learning Software
  •  Unlimited Priority Email Support
  • Initial Support for Creation and Structuring of Courses
  •  Rich and Smart Content (Video and Audio) Enabled


₹ 8,000 

(Per month)

  • Free Cloud Hosting
  • Storage up to 50 MB
  • Up to 100 Students
  • Everything in Growth Package
  • Basic custom branding
  • Game Based Learning 
  • Dynamic and Interactive Videos
  • Group Study with Messages & Chat 
  • Integrated payment gateways
  • Live Courses Integration
  • 3rd party integrations
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing + Visibility on Partner , Sister and Social Media Handles 
  • No Pioneers Nation Branding
  • Custom Domain
  • Phone Support
  • UI Customization
  • Google/ Social Sign In
  • Coupon Codes
  • Existing Website Integration

Free Forever

Free Cloud Hosting

Storage up to 50 MB

Up to 50 Students

1 Course

10 Evaluations \ Quizzes
Available across any device
Rich and Smart Content (Video and Audio) Enabled
Any time access to courses
Email Support

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