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Core Features

Pioneers Nation modules are critically acclaimed, path breaking educational programs for every school. It is based on the United Nations Core Values with all round development as its foundation. It has been applauded and has been receiving rave reviews from educators, policy makers and the scholastic community across the world. With its astounding success, in being part of an ever increasing record number of trailblazing schools, it is truly an Evolution in Education and we can objectively say that no school is complete without the Pioneers Nation Curriculum. Highlighted below are the core features of the program.

Trusted by 100+ Schools worldwide

The Pioneers Nation curriculum is now trusted by more than 100 innovative schools worldwide. Pioneers Nation is also the primary research and education partner to eminent schools to enrich and fortify their educational base.

Career Experience Modules

Every session in the Pioneers Nation learning program brings the child closer to discovering innate skills and the path to apply and develop it.

Based on United Nations Core Values

Innovative Pioneers Nation modules are based on the United Nations' Universal Core values which combine global leadership and an international perspective.

Interdisciplinary and Comprehensive All Round Development Curriculum

The Pioneers Nation curriculum is research and innovation oriented which cuts across multiple disciplines and is woven by some of the best and innovative minds on this planet.

Powered by Critically Acclaimed and Award Winning Research

Research powering Pioneers Nation modules have won several awards and accolades from prestigious and renowned educational institutions in the world. Luminate Innovation Labs, the sister company of Pioneers Nation continues to champion research projects in education.

IBE aligned Curriculum

All Pioneers Nation products are aligned with IBE standards and undergo rigorous stress and quality tests to maintain the same.

Skill Incubation and Development Program

Pioneers Nation fun to learn modules, blend multiple 336 skills integrated and distilled to incubate new and to develop and blossom the innate potential of every being.

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is an important aspect of the DNA of all the programs in the Pioneers Nation portfolio.

An Educational Program For Every One

The Pioneers Nation learning program when implemented provides the school and the school stakeholders with much needed direction and a wholesome experience. Key skills like communication, collaboration, creativity and critical-thinking are learnt through experience in these modules. The program strives to strike a balance between a non-competitive, supportive environment and a challenging experience through which children develop a sense of positive values, concurrently respecting diversity. Please contact your Pioneers Nation area relationship manager to have a whole list of international educational programs offered by Pioneers Nation for your child.

The Wizards of Remedium


    Curriculum includes
    Introduction to the Field of Medicine, Human Anatomy, Ailments and Diseases, Disasters and Disaster Medicine, First Aid Training, Emergency Procedures.
    Culminates with a Project

The Legion of Nanobots

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

    Curriculum includes
    Basics of AI and Robotics, Live working with Robots, Implementation Strategies AI, Engineering and AI, Deep Learning, Real world Scenarios.
    Culminates with a Project

The Diplomatic Circle

International Diplomacy and Strategy

    Curriculum includes
    Research methodologies, Design Thinking, Idea Mapping and Representation, Documentation Essentials, Diplomacy Essentials, Negotiating skills, Report writing and Presentation
    Culminates with a Project


Careers and Stress Management

    Curriculum includes
    Introduction to Careers and Career Paths, Stress and Stress Management, Understanding newer career trends, Discovering passion
    Culminates with a Project

About Us

Pioneers Nation is an initiative to not only revolutionize lives but also the way people think about education and educational services. It is truly the next step in the ladder of evolution of education, a change in the mindset, a different direction. It takes care of the overall development, i.e. mental, emotional and social, with the United Nations core values at the heart of the program and prepares the individual for the challenges that life would bring up for him/her.

Our Vision

To have an organization where every child, youth or adult rediscovers oneself and through this process finds a way to channel ones' energy to the betterment of society and the world as a whole, with Research and Innovation as its cornerstone

Our Mission

Develop an ecosystem based on United Nations Global Values, which will develop a new breed of International leaders and thinkers who think of the world as their stage and the sky as their launch pad.


Research and Innovation to better the world forms the DNA of everything that we do at Pioneers Nation.

Ambassador (Dr.) Ajay Prabhakar

Founder and Chairman of Pioneers Nation

Ambassador Ajay Prabhakar was until recently the Country Programs Coordinator for the United Nations. Dr. Ajay Prabhakar is a Researcher, Author, Educationist and Africanist. He is the author of 6 books, notable among them is The Gram Code, foreword of which was written by the former President of Nigeria,General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida and They Lived before Adam, the research book which is being used as a textbook in many universities in the USA and UK. He also heads the CARC team of Researchers, Linguists, Anthropologists, Historians, IT specialists, Folklorists and Oral tradition experts who are working on multiple archives and archaeological projects in Africa, Europe and the USA. During his research in Europe, he has also worked with Qua Brainly Museum in Paris and other reputable museums and several universities in London, Amsterdam, Brussels and Germany, United States of America, notably the Howard University and the John Jay College. To read more about him, please click here.

Leader Testimonials

Words of praise from world leaders, for the research which is the cornerstone of the Pioneers Nation modules

Chief Olusegun Obasanjo

Chief Olusegun Obasanjo

World Leader and Former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Dr. Ajay Prabhakar and his research team have demonstrated what heights can be achieved by mankind through intercontinental cooperation in research, beyond the boundaries of Race, Gender and Creed. Therefore, I have no hesitation in recommending his work as a pioneering Handbook for World Renaissance, for the world has need of a new vision and a new cultural paradigm.

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton

Senior World Statesman and Former President of the United States of America

It was a very warm welcome I received when I arrived and am grateful to the research team (headed by Dr. Ajay Prabhakar) for it .... Thank you for the inscribed copies of the books received ... I intend to work hard on the issues that are important to Africa and the world....

Honorable George Akume

General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida

World Leader, Former President and Commander in Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

The discoveries made by the team led by Dr. Ajay Prabhakar, would be recorded in the annals of history as monumental and humanity would always be grateful to this wonderful team. With this rigorous research, the scholar and his team deserves our credit and encouragement for the bold strides they have made, for the painstaking effort and attention to detail and for pioneering a new definition to the dynamics of scholarship in the world.

Shri Prakash Javadekar

Shri Prakash Javadekar

Honorable Minister, Human Resource Development

It was a nice meeting that we had… I commend you (Dr. Ajay Prabhakar) and your insights… I look forward to continuing our discussions on the topics that we discussed… Please also keep me abreast of any topic which you feel is important for the nation and needs to be taken up for public discourse…

His Holiness, The Dalai Lama

His Holiness, The Dalai Lama

Nobel Laureate and International Leader

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you (Dr. Ajay Prabhakar and Pioneers Nation) all for your efforts in promoting a more healthy education for the young people of this world. I wish you the best for the same.

Donald Duke

Donald Duke

Governor, Cross River State

I write on the behalf of the Government and the people of my state to congratulate you (Dr. Ajay Prabhakar and his team) for the meticulous research work and the audacious and revealing statements published in your research book. We are indeed encouraged and truly hope that you can unearth more of history in the future. Wish you all the best for the pioneering work and may the almighty crown your efforts with greater successes.

Akume George

Akume George

Senator and Former Governor - Benue State

Youth Empowerment is essential and cannot be ignored, for the youth of today are the future of this world. Dr. Prabhakar and his team have been instrumental in creating a series of innovative training programs which are helping the youth, to make productive their time and find employment which will not only benefit them but also the economy. We wish him all the best.

Kōichirō Matsuura

Kōichirō Matsuura

Former Director-General of UNESCO

The research work carried out by the team led by Dr. Ajay Prabhakar and Professor Acholonu is simply exceptional and takes the implementation of disciplined, challenging, educational research projects and methodologies to a whole new level…. is an outstanding accomplishment …. I am proud to present the evidence informed work to the international media and the academic world in general.

Smita Crishna Godrej

Smita Crishna Godrej

Director, Godrej Holdings Limited

This, is real education. If a child is equipped with this kind of value based education, it could help the child become a responsible global citizen. Focus on developing research, Gender equality, and the attention to emotional quotient of a child as highlighted in your modules is so very important, today.

Swami Tejomayananda

Swami Tejomayananda

Recipient of the Padmabhushan Award, Mentor and Former Head - Chinmaya Mission

Work shows worth. A brilliant creation (projects done) from a genius mind.

Ambassador Ralph Uwechue

Ambassador Ralph Uwechue

Career Diplomat and Former Ambassador to Liberia

I would like to commend the path breaking research undertaken by you (Dr. Ajay Prabhakar) and your team for its dedicated and consistent efforts in research towards building a great nation and a greater Africa. You have done us all proud and we wish you more success and discoveries in your projects.

Stephane Martin

Stephane Martin

President Musée du Quai Branly, Paris. France

I wish to congratulate Dr. Ajay Prabhakar, Professor Acholonu and the entire research team for the study conducted on the linguistic evidence of the Ancient African Artifacts and its prolongation into a second stage, its theme of shared values and interculturalism among the ancients and among civilizations.


Testimonials from Pioneers in Academia and Senior Educationists

Sights from our Program

A window into the world of our pioneering schools and the innovative learning that sparks in the classrooms

The Facts Corner

Some numbers which define Pioneers Nation framework

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Innovative Training Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know before you get started. Reaching one of our representatives has never been easier or better still you could reach us at any of the numbers in the Connect section.

What is Pioneers Nation?

Pioneers Nation is a compendium of skill incubation modules, steeped in STEAM, which instil in a child the skills required for the realization of her/his potential. Life Skills, Psychomotor, Metacognitive and Epistemological skills are some of the skills that form an array of 336 skills which form the Pioneers Nation skill set.

Do you have programs for older children or adults?

Yes, we do have multiple programs specifically for older children i.e.from grades 8 to 12 which focus on different aspects of careers. It also gives them an opportunity to jumpstart their career with renowned educational and research brands on their resume. Please email the specific details of your training needs to hello@pioneersnation.com and a representative from our Relations Department will get back to you at the earliest. Please do not forget to share your name and contact number in the email.

What are the other programs that Pioneers Nation conducts apart from the flagship program for children?

The Flagship program for grades 4 to 7 are exciting theme based projects. For Teachers, we have the Foundation course, a program for aspiring teachers, which is the first building block for any kind of teaching or learning. Parents and the School Management can also partake and experience, the rich research flavored programs specially curated for them. We also provide international learning curriculum and framework for all learning levels. We also have a comprehensive analytics and artificial intelligence backed programs which can be custom made for your educational organization. Please email the specific details of your training needs to hello@pioneersnation.com and a representative from our Relations Department will get back to you at the earliest. Please do not forget to share your name and contact number in the email.

Is it a career guidance program?

Career guidance would mean an external approach to figuring out a career for a child. What we instead do is, give children the intrinsic experience of various careers as they enjoy their time learning and journeying through various exciting theme based projects.

Is it a personality development program?

Development of personality, is just a small part of the array of learning outcomes of the Pioneers Nation learning experience. It serves as an all-round development of life and career skills in a child.

How can one join the Pioneers Nation program?

We work in close association with schools. In the rare scenario that Pioneers Nation modules are not already in your school, please contact our Pioneers Care / Relation representative for modalities to have our modules in your school.

What about a scenario wherein the strength of a class is 60 students or in the case that my school does not have enough space?

At Pioneers Nation, we take pride in proffering solutions which would propel learning. We can come up with case-specific solutions depending upon the available logistics of time, space and other resources. Please contact our Pioneers Care / Relation representative for modalities to have our modules in your school.

Is there a Pioneers Nation centre where children can enroll?

Currently we are implementing our modules in close association with schools. We can make the modules accessible for your children by working with the School that your child is in. With great demand for our educational solutions, we are also setting up Pioneers Nation Centres, the whole list of which would be available with our relations representative.


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