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Listed below are the services provided by Luminate Research and Innovation Labs

Corporate Archives Consulting Services

Creation of Archives (physical and virtual), Management (including preservation and conservation) and Exhibition (in different formats) are different aspects of the archival procedure which the Luminate team specializes in. Digital asset management, Mapping, Oral histories and corporate archives are the highlights of our services.

Heritage Monuments

Input in all stages of planning and execution of preservation of heritage and historical structures can be provided by the Luminate Innovation Centre. Our services cover on and offshore developments and are designed to assess and mitigate risks of these sites.Restoration and Conservation are key processes that the Luminate team specializes in.

Archaeological Consulting Services

If archaeological sites cannot be avoided or protected safely within the scope of development or construction, or for documentation of history, excavation is a method of preservation. The Luminate team offers strategy and methodology that documents a site as appropriately as possible whilst balancing commercial considerations.

Turnkey Research Projects

We undertake consultancy of projects, turnkey, which involve the setting up of research, archival, preservation laboratories or development facilities. From pre-planning surveys and site investigations, right through to mitigation excavations are all part of projects, the Luminate team undertakes.

Training and Outreach

Skill Development modules curated as offshoots of research in domains are not limited to management houses but are distilled to reach school classrooms and the arms of the government to lay the foundation of tomorrow, today. With our outreach partner, Pioneers Nation, we are making valuable inroads into the education sector.

Content Curation

Curriculum Curation for schools and colleges, Technical writings, White papers formulations, Research Case studies, Research Surveys are all services offered by the Luminate team. The Luminate team specializes in content creation for schools and colleges. Some of the best colleges and schools are already using the content provided by Dr. Ajay Prabhakar and his team.

Policy Formulation and Research Solutions for Government

The need to develop a more evidence-based and inclusive policy formulation process cannot be overemphasized.The luminate team along with partners works tirelessly to make researchers and policy-makers cooperate and work closely to understand specific needs, ensure relevance of topics, and improve communication, dissemination and implementation of the research recommendations.

Research and Manifestation

All kinds of Research Services in the mentioned domains are offered by Luminate Labs. The luminate publishing and printing services associates itself with the printing, digitizing of documented literature or findings, exhibition, other forms of publication and dissemination, of books, memoirs and documentaries.

Active Projects Portfolio

Listed below are some of the current and active projects being carried out by the Luminate history keepers in collaboration with our partners. For a comprehensive list of all projects executed, please mail or contact your luminate care executive at the email address listed below.


Testimonials from the world for the work done by Dr. Ajay Prabhakar and his team.

About Us

Ambassador (Dr.) Ajay Prabhakar

Founder and Chairman of Luminate Research and Innovation Labs

The team at Luminate Research and Innovation Labs is trained by Ambassador Ajay Prabhakar. Ambassador Ajay Prabhakar was until recently the Country Programs Coordinator for the United Nations. Dr. Ajay Prabhakar is a Researcher, Author, Educationist and Africanist. He is the author of 6 books, notable among them is The Gram Code, foreword of which was written by the former President of Nigeria,General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida and They Lived, the research book which is being used as a textbook in many universities in the USA and UK. He also heads the CARC team of Researchers, Linguists, Anthropologists, Historians, IT specialists, Folklorists and Oral tradition experts who are working on multiple archives and archaeological projects in Africa, Europe and the USA. During his research in Europe, he has also worked with Qua Brainly Museum in Paris and other reputable museums and several universities in London, Amsterdam, Brussels and Germany, United States of America, notably the Howard University and the John Jay College. To read more about him, please click here.

Facts Corner

Exciting facts for Luminate Research and Innovation Laboratories

1 Objects Archived
1 Learners Trained
1 Publications and Content Solutions
1 Hours Spent on Projects

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you call our history keepers at Luminate, do find time to go through some of the commonly asked questions of us. You could always find out more, by calling one of our experts.

What are Archives?

Archives are places where records of all types and formats are kept and made accessible for research and other purposes. Records created or received by a commercial enterprise in the course of operations and preserved for their enduring value makes up business archives.

What is the difference between a Library and Archives?

The books in a library are often secondary sources of information, whereas the records in an archive are primary sources. Archives provide first-hand information or evidence relating to historical events or figures.

What do Archives look like?

These come in many forms such as letters, reports, minutes, registers, maps, photographs, personal or corporate artifacts, films, digital files, and sound recordings

Why should I choose to go for Archives (Personal / Company)?

Archives help preserve the legacy of the life of a Company and/or an Individual in a very structured and organised manner. The repository helps find patterns in a large pool of information which can aid research work too. It helps streamline access to important information and also makes things legible for various end users. It serves as an evidence of historical records which can further help make your original story live for posterity. With an archives system in place, you can attract further support or fan-base through a regular churning out of original and relevant content about your work.

We already have a database being maintained, do we still need to have archives?

Archives is about preserving the legacy for posterity and usually regular databases are not equipped to serve that purpose. Our team could carry out an investigative study and prepare a preliminary report to assess the need for archives as per observations made regarding current database maintained. You could choose to have us take up the project at your discretion after considering our suggestions made in the report.

Why choose Luminate as the Keepers of your history?

We hold utmost respect for the value being added by individuals/companies to the world and do our best to carry out the archival process in a project specific manner, educating and including our clients at every stage. We believe in creating an experience of rediscovery as we work with our clients thus making the entire process enjoyable and easeful and absolutely professional with regard to security of data and impeccable communication through every step of the process.

Our Outreach - Pioneers Nation

Some of the sights from schools where our program is receiving critical accolades from Parents, Teachers and Children alike.

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